1) To register, build your pack – you and five of your friends, co-workers, random people you meet on the street, even better find five friends that do not like craft beer BUT want to support amazing individuals (then you won't have to share if you win) - these people are part of your pack.  

      YES - you can be your own six-pack and purchase all 6 spots - because really who wants
                to share, and it is a great way to restock your craft beer fridge.   
      Or are you all alone? Buy a ticket and we will find you a pack - who knows what kind of friends
           you will make.  

There are no maximum entries per person. You can purchase as many entries as you would like and be a part of multiple packs to increase your chances of winning.  

2) This time around we are giving you lots to do, give your pack a name - need incentive to give yourself a good name - the best name wins craft beer. 

Pick from one of eleven colours of your duck and personalize it further with one of the forty-three hats. You also need to give your personal duck a name.  


Your six-pack (team) duck also needs a name, colour and hat.  

3) Buy your tickets.  

Each entry is $15 and a six-pack of craft beer with a minimum retail value of $13.50 or greater. 


We can purchase a craft beer six-pack for each entry on your behalf. 

4) Then sit back and be prepared to, hopefully, count your empties... 

5) Every day, from April 12 to 17th at 7 pm we will release that day’s races.  

The number of individuals to be eliminated each day is dependent upon the number of entries. The exact number of participants and prizes will be announced on April 7th.  


But so far we know you will have a chance to win as an individual and as a six-pack; if you joined us for wine survivor you know we will have lots of prizes to be won.  


There is lots of fun to be had and craft beer to be won - thanks for your support! 

Here are some of the Craft beer Prizes up for grabs: 

(Exact cans per category will be dependent upon the number of entries) 

      Best six-pack name 

      Stuck Duck Race 

      First place winner of each race (Heat, quarterfinals, semi-finals, finals) 

If you win craft beer you can collect your winnings from the awesome person who signed you up OR we can make arrangements to get your winnings to you. We will gladly help ourselves out to any unclaimed craft beer so be sure to pick up your winnings in a timely matter, but if you're busy no worries, we appreciate the donation.


And AGLC would like me to remind you that you have to be 18+ to be in this draw and to win this draw - we are not in France people! 


because there is always someone ruining our fun... 

1.  You must be at least 18 years of age to enter the contest. 

2.  Starting at 8 am March 10th entries will be accepted until April 6th at 11:59 pm 

3.  There are two (2) different ways to sign up: 

              o Duck Race entry fee that includes a purchase of a six-pack of craft beer with a retail       value of a minimum of $15, totalling $28.50*  

              o Supply your own six-pack craft selection - Entry fee is $15 plus a six-pack of craft beer with a minimum price of $13.50 before taxes and bottle deposit (arrangements must be made to drop off your beer) 

4.  *If you opt to have your craft beer six-pack purchased by Autism Edmonton, it will be based on the retail value of a six-pack of craft beer the brand and type will be at the discretion of Autism Edmonton.  

5.  The amount of craft beer to be won in each category will be determined based on the number of entrants who purchase entries during the Entry Period. 

6.  Elimination Heats will take place each day, and will be posted online by 7 pm the same day of the draw: 

                a. Elimination Heats commence April 12, 2021.   
                b. Elimination Heats posted each day at 7 pm.  

7.  Autism Edmonton will also publish eliminated names on the dedicated web page as well as we will send the list out in an email with the link. 

8.  All individuals winning six-packs of craft beer will be notified by a phone call and by email to the email address provided. 

9.  Delivery arrangements will be made with each of the winners. 

10. There is no cash prize. 

For more information, please contact us at                                                                                              
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