April 12 - 14

2 Heat Races Each Day



Well, I am sure we all do but we can't all be winners. TODAY was a tough day of racing. We weren't racing because one of us already swam and won beer for my manager earlier in the week... But to the rest of you, lucky ducks hope you enjoyed the sun shine and weren't in freezing cold water today - like some ducks.

We actually are bringing you four races today - the Grand Final Final.

The Stuck Duck race, so if your duck was stuck on the course at any point other than the team race - this is your race. With only 12 competitors someone surely has a chance to win something unless you get stuck again.

The team race is where your team duck has a chance to win some prizes for every member of their team. But only the top three teams win beer this go around. And frankly, with COVID you shouldn't be gathering, we will save you from yourself and keep the beer. You are welcome!

Last but not least the Washout race, because we were told that we couldn't call it the loser race.... but this is the race for everyone who hasn't won beer or their teammates haven't won beer. We wanted a winner take all race for more people to get more beer.

HUGE SHOUT OUT TO OUR SUPPORTERS AT LIQUOR TODAY - see we typed it in all caps we must mean very huge. These folks have everything from beer, wine, spirits please go and see Mark. He has been great in partnering us up with all these craft beer companies for us to get prizes to give out. He arranged for us to get 300, six-packs to give away!

We will have one more post to allow the dust to settle and clean up any housekeeping things - layout the results and figure out who won how much of what beer - but that is tomorrow - for now here is the link to the video all the results are on the spreadsheet.


Thank you to everyone for all your support not just for this event but for the work done at Autism Edmonton. We hope you have had a little fun during an otherwise trying time.


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