April 12 - 14

2 Heat Races Each Day



Well the weather outside is delightful and the fire inside is hot. Tell me that there will be no more snow, don't let it snow, don't let it snow, don't let it snow.

THEY convinced me to come back. THEY said I was under contract. THEY said I had to be pleasant. THEY also said if I didn't my punishment might include oranges - So maybe I'm getting a facial, not sure how that is a punishment. But whatever.

IT IS semifinal day and another trying racecourse faces our little feathered friends. It is definitely trying to trip up our racers. So many ducks got stuck. Those poor little plastic bird-shaped trinkets, that float – whose dreams are now dashed. Oh, don't worry you will have a chance to see them again in the Stuck Duck race happening tomorrow night - WHAT is going on tomorrow night? well, let us tell you...

So we have to break down what is going on tomorrow - if you are joining us for the Autism Edmonton Anniversary celebration that kicks off live at 6 pm. (Tickets needed to be purchased ahead of time.) We will be sending out an abbreviated program tomorrow night to all our racers around 7:30 – so you can see the races, enjoy the results and possible celebrate that you have won beer.

The races being held tomorrow night are:

The Team Race - that is right you all have ono more chance to at winning beer with your team

Grand Final Final - this is the race for all the marbles - the whole enchilada!

Washout race - if you didn't win beer and none of your teammates won beer and you didn't end up stuck - then this is your race. A winner takes all race to the finish. (you will have to look yourself at the results as to whether or not you are in the race depends on so much tomorrow – we couldn’t possibly map out all the scenarios.

Stuck Duck Race - we had to do this race because it is just fun to say - try it six times fast - stuck duck stuck duck stuck duck stuck duck fu... ohhhhh ~whoops this is a family email, we apologise but we did warn you that is was hard to say.

We know you all cheat and look at the spreadsheet (yeah we see you creeping in at 6:58 wondering if the results have been posted) so whatever - here is the link for the races - once again called by the amazing Doug Mclean.

But try just try tonight to watch the video first - mostly because we are still trying to tally all the results!!!! Here is the link - https://youtu.be/qn6K8HU_KXs

But for those of you in the stats booth - here is the breakdown of tonight's races.

ODD Semi

1 - Up Schitts Creek, Managed By Tina P

2 - Moby Duck, Managed By Adam B

3 - Mother Ducker, Managed By Jenni M

Siding 14 - Albus Duckldore, Managed By Erika D

Original 16 - Peker, Managed By Santana F

Last Duck - Monacco, Managed By Tina N

Even Semi (but frankly full of odd ducks)

1 - Jack Sparrow, Managed By Leon L

2 - Peep, Managed By Annette C

3 - Koda, Managed By Sofia R

Siding 14 - Dickie Duck, Managed By Tammy D

Original 16 - Doc, Managed By Ray W

Last Duck - Duff, Managed By Hanna C

Well, we are off to freshen up and get ready for tomorrow night's festivities. We are getting our feathers pruned and fluffed.


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