April 12 - 14

2 Heat Races Each Day



Updated: Apr 16

It has been a long hard river to get here folks but we will be three races closer to finding out who is the Greatest Duck Race Grand Final Final winner. Tonight it was a hard slug we changed up the course so there was no advantage to anyone.

Quackatoa claimed many races offering JY some competition in the stuck duck race on Saturday.

The races have been intense. BUT don't just take our word for it - check out the races they have been a hoot. Oh, wait we are racing ducks, not owls.

We still have no idea who is doing what as our ducks can't seem to get into any kind of row. Doug keeps taking them on adventures every day and bringing most of them back.

Can we please give a shoutout to Doug McLean? He has been the most incredible race caller we have ever had. No one in the history of the Autism Edmonton Greatest Duck Race - EVER has called races like Doug. And we have put him through the paces.

Tonight is no different as we said it is a new course - same sponsors - shout out to Cameron Corporation, Flaman Foundation, Leading Edge. PLUS all our beer sponsors in no particular order - Bent Stick, Banded Peak, Original 16, Siding 14, Townsquare, Polar Park Brewing, We would also like to thank Liquor Today for introducing us to all these great companies who have stepped up to support our race. All these companies have been great.

What else can we tell you, oh yeah here is the most awesomeness part - https://youtu.be/1V4zVtO0EmM

Visit link before you look at the results it is more fun. We aren't actually sure as we are ducks and lack the ability to read as well as proper depth perception - We aren't sure that is true but it explains why we fly into things. So migrate on over to https://youtu.be/1V4zVtO0EmM to see how your little quacker did.

Checked out the race? Looking for results - well keep scrolling we aren't sharing them yet. We do have to say that we had a pretty good swim today the racing has been tough and the competition has been feathery but we are impressed as to how we have managed to rise to the top. Today's race results show the fierceness of the competition.

From QuackerFinal #1

1 - Caesar, Managed by Neil G

2 - El Quacko Libre, Managed by Amanda Watt

3 - LuckyLuckyDuck, Managed by Teresa M.

Siding 14 - ME - Charles Duckens, Managed by Erin B

Original 16 - Annie F, Managed by Annie F

Last Place - Prada, Managed by Andrew DV

QuackerFinal #2

1 - Quackerback, Managed by Michelle C

2 - Michelangelo, Managed by Vance S

3 - Joey, Managed by John W

Siding 14 - Gowns, Managed by Tina NR Original 16 - Dan Duck, Managed by Dan T

Last Place - Ray Wing, Managed by Ray w

QuackerFinal #3

1 - Aweosomo, Managed by Tosin O

2 - Daryll Duck, Managed by Daryll D

3 - Captain Duck, Managed by Hussien H

Siding 14 - Quackerjack, Managed by Jessica G

Original 16 - Duck Phyl, Managed by Phyllis S

Last Place - QuackoTime, Managed by Dominic D

WOW, we had 5 stuck ducks for the stuck duck race that got stuck on the Quackotoa course... as we said this course is intense. Some of the names are just awesome and incredibly impressive, some we feel like you may have just used google or your own name.... maybe your friend signed you up - let's blame them. But can we say how great of a race we had today.... the beer I won shall taste lovely... just a second we are being summoned.

Well, that just sucks I am being told because I am a duck I am not going to get the beer to myself. Well fine then see if you get the link to the website. In fact, I am not even going to finish this


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