April 12 - 14

2 Heat Races Each Day



Hope everyone had a good break. One question - why is Easter all about a rabbit? Ducks are important too. You see pictures of little baby ducks this time of year, but then all focus is on a rabbit. There is a whole story made up about how they bring you candy. That isn't practical - there is no way that rabbits could carry a basket with any weight in it and be able to move. Ducks at least have feet and wings, which means we can get around places and still carry stuff. We fly so we can get around more places than hopping. Time us. We were hanging around the watering

hole the other day - yeah, it is literally a hole with water in it. But whatever, someone told me a story about a rabbit and a turtle - they raced, and the rabbit won. Well, no kidding - want to know why turtles live to be over 100 because they aren't in a hurry to get anywhere. Well, we all see enough rabbits on the road to know where going fast gets you. But for us, ducks, we take to the sky and soar at great heights.

So not sure if you have had a chance to check out our practice run - it was great! The water was feeling fine, and everyone had a smooth run - well, there was that one duck... but we won't talk about them. This is the last week to buy ducks - Actually, we are so close to being sold out!!! We are 54 ducks shy of being sold out!! (That is only 8 teams) Oh, what fun that would be to have all of our ducks in a row! So with us so close to our goal, we have extended our ducks sales until Thursday the 8th, and then that is it because all our racers need time to practice and get climatized to the water. For all of you polar dippers, you know how it is.

Eight teams to a sell out, the goal is so close. Frankly, that would be an awesome race to be a part of ~ said by a duck who hadn't been purchased yet.

So get your teams together and join our duck race!! All the funds go to support the work that Autism Edmonton does -

At Autism Edmonton, they believe all autistic individuals deserve to achieve their highest level of success. That is why we provide knowledge, opportunities and advocacy to autistic individuals and families, giving everyone a life full of possibilities. Did you know, each year, more children receive an Autism diagnosis than that of cancer and diabetes combined.


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