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We got our ducks in a row & you can join ‘em.

Watch ‘em, duck and waddle through the winding virtual river to victory. 

We got our ducks in a row and you can join ‘em. Watch ‘em, duck and waddle through the winding virtual river to victory. 


Like with most things, it’s better to not go alone; so find a paddling* of five others, all teams are groups of six.  (We can help you find friends.)

So get quackin’ & swim on in

How it works:      

          -  Purchase your tickets along with your six-pack (team)mates 
                      ~everyone personalizes their own duck colour and hats.


From April 12th - 17th at 7PM, we’ll send you a link to watch your duck(s) swim their way (hopefully) across the finish line.  

You will not face any of your six-pack mates until the Grand Final Final ~ if your duck swims fast enough. 


You’ll have other chances to win in Team Races, Stuck Duck Race and Washout Race ~ the race for all ducks who haven’t won anything.


There will be lots of chances for you to win as well as chances for you to lose but trust us you will never have cheered hard for a rubber duck than you will this week.


The prizes??  

Well, the prizes are the best, they are a selection of craft beers, ciders, and radlers from across Alberta.


P.S.: It doesn’t matter if you buy on the first day or the last, the order of when you buy does not affect your duck placement, each race is random.  

April 12 - 14

2 Heat Races Each Day

April 15

Three Quarter Final 
which aren't really quarters

April 16

Two Semi-Finals

April 17

Last day of the races, which coincides with Autism Edmonton's 50th-anniversary! During the anniversary celebration, we'll host:

  • Grande Final Final,

  • Six-pack (team) race, 

  • Our favourite – the Stuck Duck. Yup, ducks can get stuck, so for those little rascals, we have a dedicated race just for them, and 

  • The last race is for everyone who has had no hope, luck or chance – we have a race for you – it is the last one and your final chance to win. 


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